Future Generations

Future Generations

We plan to develop our Asbestos Awareness – Future Generations Project to raise awareness amongst children and young people about asbestos, the risks involved, mistakes made in the past, associated illnesses, how to care and support for people with asbestos related diseases and information about the work of our charity AASC.

Commencing in 2017 the project will involve  liaising with schools, colleges, universities, youth groups and libraries in South and West Wales to book space to exhibit asbestos awareness stands including the display of printed information boards and leaflets. When requested we will also deliver a presentation to groups. We also plan to make available copies of Jo’s story, an illustrated booklet which tells of the struggle that Joanne Barnes- Manning’s family experienced in finding asbestos related support and advice when her father was diagnosed with Mesothelioma.  This is an extremely well written booklet which will appeal to the young people we are targeting with this project.


We also plan  to develop an awareness raising video.  The video will also focus on the current asbestos awareness projects that we are delivering including our future generations project.

We are looking to compile a collection of  personal photographs and  memories of people working with asbestos in Wales and also would like people to share pictures which they may have of items made of or containing asbestos.  Can you help us?




We are very grateful for the kind donations which helped to kickstart our project , producing our Booklet,” Jo’s Story / Stori Jo” and our banners. We are looking for further funds to enable us to further develop the project by taking it across Wales. If you would like to donate, get in touch or make a donation online  LocalGiving

We would be delighted to come to  you in your meeting place get in touch! enquiries@a-a-s-c.org.uk



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