Raising Funds

Raising Funds

Many  people wish to support our charity in recognition of the support we may have given to a close relative.

At AASC we are delighted when enthusiastic fundraisers contact the charity. We like to offer maximum support to ensure that you abide by legal requirements.

You can also make a donation online  

Galaxy Hot Chocolate £300

You can help us secure £300 by placing a vote online for us at Galaxy Hot chocolate.  It would make a huge difference to us and help us reach out to those living with asbestos related illnesses in Wales. We facilitate support group meetings in Cardiff and Pembrokeshire and we need funds to enable us to do this.


Sally’s Cycle

Sally cycling for AASC
Sally cycling for AASC


Many thanks to Sally on completing her 1000 mile bike ride from Lands End to John O’Groats on 13th August in loving memory of her uncle Paul Baldwin. We are deeply honoured to be remembered in this way as Paul, a truly stoic gentleman became one of our first enquiries having been diagnosed with the malignant cancer Mesothelioma, caused by asbestos exposure. It was a privilege to have known him and his wife Sue continues to support us through her voluntary work and as a Trustee to this day. Great stuff well done £1000 raised for AASC!


Rugby Match December 2014




 AASC were delighted and extremely privileged to have been nominated as IATP’s (Independent Asbestos Training Providers) chosen charity of the year 2014/15!! 
‘Whichever type of asbestos training you’re looking for (Asbestos Awareness (Type A), Non-Licensed Asbestos Work(Type B) or Licensed Asbestos Work (Type C), the IATP site lists training providers in your area. IATP only lists asbestos training providers that have submitted documentary evidence confirming their compliance with the regulations.’

The IATP held their 3rd annual charity dinner, which recognised and raised funds for Asbestos Awareness & Support Cymru. The 2015 Annual Dinner was  themed on a Winter Wonderland and held at the stunning Belfry Hotel, West Midlands on Saturday 31st January 2015.  As part of the evening  an auction and raffle were held.  Jo and Trustee Sue attended the event and had a great time!

IATP 2015

IATP also sold wrist bands to raise funds for AASC  


Wayne also did a  charity sky dive check out the link  

 Raising funds baking on Valentines Day

MSS held a cake sale and raised sufficient funds to cover the costs of AASC telephone support helpline!




Berlin Marathon 29 September 2013 – Matthew ran it in memory of his Dad John – 3 hours 26 minutes!

“On 12 September 2013 my stepfather/ old man, John sadly passed away, after a 9 month battle with mesothelioma (asbestos related cancer).

There are not enough words to decribe how much he will be missed, he was the man who taught me to drive, helped me buy my first car (yes…that metro) inspired me to take holidays (his nickname was Judith….Wish you were here(!)) and was a shoulder to cry on in both rugby related (Welsh) and non rugby related matters.

In memory of John and the family members/friends who have cruelly been touched by cancer, I ran the Berlin Marathon on 29 September 2013.

Asbestos Awareness & Support Cymru (A.A.S.C) provided great help and support to John therefore please help me to give something back by donating through the following link – make a donation ”

Thanks Matthew  for having AASC as one of chosen charities.

Talks to groups in schools/ colleges/ the community

We are always pleased  to talk   about Asbestos Awareness & Support Cymru (AASC)  to explain how money is spent giving support to victims of asbestos exposure. Please get in touch

easyfundraising  for AASC 

Are you one of the millions of people that use a search engine every day? Switch your searching to easysearch and raise money!

Every time you search the web using http://aasc.easysearch.org.uk instead of Google or any other search engine, half a penny is raised for Asbestos Awareness & Support Cymru.  Search just 15 times a day and you can raise around £25 a year.

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So the next time you need to find something online, please use http://aasc.easysearch.org.uk and raise money for Asbestos Awareness & Support Cymru with every search you make.