AASC Friends


A charity set up in 2012 by a daughter whose father died from inhaling asbestos fibres and consequently developing mesothelioma a fatal cancer is creating a jigsaw of care and support across Wales.  Drop in information and support sessions have proved key to raising awareness about the dangers of exposure to asbestos and have provided a life line of support to those diagnosed with asbestos related illness.  Monthly Sunday lunches have helped to combat loneliness for the bereaved and companionship for those living with illnesses such as asbestosis, pleural plaques and mesothelioma.  The charity Asbestos Awareness & Support Cymru has made an impact on the lives of individuals enhancing their quality of life whilst also involving them in supporting others with life limiting illnesses. The charity wants its good work to continue and is looking for funding to enable this to happen.  Key groups have been established in Pembrokeshire and South Wales with an emphasis upon coping strategies and support mechanisms for family carers. Regular events have been held where friends of AASC from across Wales can meet together and socialise and can be updated in clinical research developments in treatment.

AASC is about providing support to the whole family whilst they are coping with a diagnosis of a very debilitating asbestos illness.

We do hope that our jigsaw of help and awareness will spread across Wales preventing further exposure to future generations and supporting those already exposed.

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