Our Volunteers

The message about the dangers and consequences of asbestos will be even stronger if  people volunteer their time to help with AASC.

Ambassadors of AASC are needed to be key contacts in communities, workplaces and in schools, colleges and universities.

Get in touch if you can be an AASC volunteer.

Volunteering Vacancies

AASC offers a great support service for the benefit of the people of Wales who have been affected by exposure to asbestos – you, as a volunteer, can be part of this, please think about volunteering your time with us.  Our priority is to develop the range of ‘befriending’ support we can offer but we also need  extra hands to expand our fundraising and marketing programme.

Listening Ear

As a ‘listening ear’ you will be required to be at the end of a telephone to answer calls of victims of asbestos related diseases and their carers and be able to signpost them to other practical support services in their locality.  You will work from your home base. Ideally you may have already obtained a counselling qualification, you will need to demonstrate empathy, and possess excellent listening skills.

Trusts and Foundations 

Your role as a trusts and Foundation volunteer will be to identify those bodies which are allocating finds to charities similar to AASC.  You will need to have access to a computer and be able to engage in online searching.  Once these organisations have been identified then their details may be passed to another volunteer whose task will be to complete funding applications, for submission to funding bodies. At all times accurate records of activities must be kept.

You must be able to undertake independent research, have IT skills, be able to meet deadlines – and demonstrate ability to work as part of a team. You will work from home.

Community Fundraiser

You will be expected to enjoy reaching out into your local community to establish links with  groups who allocate funds to charities and  to organise fund raising opportunities such as coffee mornings, raffles etc.  You will work from home and will need to have use of a phone and computer.  You need to possess good communication skills, have IT skills and be able to work independently.  You will be a team member.

Corporate Fundraiser

You will need good research skills and develop a confident approach to identify and work with businesses and corporates to secure sponsorship for AASC.  You will work closely with key people to promote employee fundraising initiatives.  You will work from your home.


As an Ambassador you may be called upon to deliver talks  and set up displays in your community about the work of AASC and promote the service provided.  You will need to be able to work from your home base, have access to transport and possess a telephone and computer. You will be key to AASC helping to market the charity.

Health Link workers

As a health link worker you ideally should be working in the health field and be prepared to promote AASC amongst others in the health service.

Benefits Advisors

As a volunteer benefits adviser  you ideally may already have had experience working with advice giving agencies and have been used to the complex benefits world. You will be expected to work from home, have a computer. be able to use the internet including email and have a phone.  You should have good communication skills, and you may be required to visit clients in their own home so you should have your own transport and provide an up to date DBS form.

Benefits Team Leader

As a team leader AASC will be looking to you to help support the volunteer benefits advisers, make links with other benefit advisers in Wales and help to develop the service within AASC.  This role can be as big or as small as you make it.  You should be able to work independently from your home base, but adhere to the ethos of team working.  Key to youR role will be working with the Trusts and Foundations volunteers  to try and secure funding for the post.