Frequently Asked Questions

My child says that there is asbestos in her school – what do I do?

Contact the Head by phone or letter/email and see if the existence is confirmed.  If asbestos is present find out from the Head about the risk level.

How do I find out if there is asbestos in my child’s school?

Either write a letter or email  or phone the Head of the school.  There should be an asbestos register within the school.  This will record if asbestos is present or not for all parts of the school building.

Why should I use a specialist solicitor – surely they are going to charge me more than my family solicitor?

A specialised solicitor should have more experience in dealing with compensation for asbestos related diseases.  You will not be charged a fee.  Choosing a firm of solicitors who has a team or an individual devoted to asbestos cases should give you the confidence that no stone will remain unturned as your case for compensation is compiled.  A significant amount of work  and research goes into the preparation of an asbestos related claim specifically if a diagnosis of mesothelioma is made.  A specialised solicitor will make visits to the victim and immediate family in their own home at no cost to the family.  A good specialised solicitor will become like a member of your family working with thoughtfulness, sensitivity and lending a caring hand if need be whilst on a consulting home visit.  Contact us at AASC for signposting to specialised solicitors.

I have got asbestos sheets dumped in my garden how do I get rid of them?

Have you contacted your local county/district council or environmental heath agency ?  Do you know if they are asbestos ? Contacting a specialist firm may not be as expensive as you think – do not be taken in by firms charging extortionate fees.  There are too many dodgy firms out there claiming to be specialised in asbestos removal. Get in touch with us for clear information on the right procedure for you.

I am redecorating and I think there is asbestos on the walls and ceilings as it is an old house what do I do?

Don’t take the risk by disturbing the fabric – call a specialist firm to come in and take a sample -the charge is not that high and at least you will know for definite if it is asbestos or not! Call us for details of reliable trusted firms.