Asbestos Register

This is a document which is a record about where asbestos has been identified within a building or across an organisation. It should not be a static document but should change according to the condition of the materials containing asbestos.  The register may be held electronically and or in hard copy.  Importantly people should be made aware of the existence of the register and its location.  It should be a point of reference if work needs to be done within a building, and should be kept updated.  Ideally the responsibility for the register should be given to one section or the person responsible for the Health and Safety.

So what goes into the register?

  • Details of the location and building
  • Details of when asbestos surveys conducted and by whom.
  • Places not surveyed
  • Map/scaled drawing of of locations
  • Types of material surveyed
  • Types of asbestos located
  • Condition of asbestos
  • Any action, treatments made.
  • Photographs of location of asbestos.
  • Detailed history when changes made and if removal has taken place and by whom.

Regular audits

The register should be consulted regularly and audited, with close linking of register records to parts of the building.  This will ensure that any warning  asbestos stickers remain in place, that material has not been damaged or if removal has taken place that this has been noted.  The re- inspections should be noted in the register.  Those using the building should not be put at risk.

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