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Asbestos Bill is law

Asbestos Bill Recovery of Medical costs postponed

Stage 3 of Asbestos Recovery of NHS costs Bill commences 25 April 2013

Stage 2 of asbestos recovery of NHS Costs Bill Amendments discussed 24 April, 2013.

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Insurance companies oppose NHSAsbestosBill

Asbestos Bill Consultation Letter(e)               Asbestos Bill Consultation Letter(w)

Asbestos medical bills Welsh law bid.

AM’s Law targets NHS Repayments

Nick Ramsay AM ask the Right To Know – Proceedings in Welsh AssemblyParents right to know. 23 Oct 12 (1)

E- Petition to Welsh Government requesting easy access for parents to have access to information on presence of asbestos in schools

Cross-party group group set up 

Lib Dems in Wales ask for all schools to be inspected

Carers and Primary Care

Asbestos-Bill progress 2012

Following a debate held in the National Assembly on May 16th , 2012 to consider the proposal to introduce a Members Proposed Bill on Asbestos (Recovery of Medical Costs) (Mick Antoniw), voting took place on the motion with the result being 54 for the motion, nil abstentions and nil against. Thus the motion was agreed.  Further consultation will now take place. If the progression of the Bill is successful it will be the first time such a cost-recovery scheme has been implemented in Britain.  AASC will keep you updated on the progress of this Bill.

 AASC was delighted to be one of the many who were invited to attend a Briefing on Weds May 16th, 2012, prior to the debate on the Asbestos (Recovery of Medical Costs) Bill, held in the  the National Assembly Wales. Both Joanne Barnes-Mannings,Community Outreach and Lorna Johns, Strategic Research and Development were present at the Briefing.  Joanne gave a short 5 minute presentation on her personal experience being a carer and daughter of her late father, Keith Barnes, when he received his diagnosis of mesothelioma.  Other presentations were given by Dr Ian Williamson, Consultant Chest Physician, Royal Gwent Hospital,  Andy Richards, Regional secretary UNITE,  John Phillips, GMB Wales and South West and Mick Antoniw, AM for Pontypridd with the session being chaired by Vaughan Gething, AM.  

Members bill announced – asbestos medical costs

Assembly Bill 040 – Recovery of medical costs

Briefing : Asbestos (Recovery of Medical Costs) – download a copy of the briefing here and if you have comments to make please get in touch. Asbestos Bill Briefing- English  Asbestos Bill Briefing- Welsh