“We are the inheritors of history and our children are the inheritors of our mistakes
and our failures. We have failed in the past. The result of our collective failure is
reflected in the fact that asbestos is widespread in schools and other buildings today.
Our task now is to do what we can to blunt the third wave of asbestos disease, which
already is beginning and which inevitably will be much worse if exposure to asbestos in schools
and other buildings is not reduced.”

Professor Philip Landrigan, Chairman of US Committee on Environmental Hazards

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Asbestos-related diseases in Britain are a major killer and it has been stated that twice as many die from asbestos exposure in Britain as are killed on the roads. Routine asbestos inspections of school buildings are no longer carried out by the LEA.   Teachers and school staff are to be vigilant about whether there is asbestos present in the building and to make reports if they feel it is being mismanaged. An all Parliamentary group urged action when the extent of asbestos contamination in schools was revealed “ Asbestos in Schools – The need for action, January 2012”.  Media reports called the state of schools ‘a national scandal‘. Key facts:

  •  More than 75% of Britain’s state schools contain asbestos, much of which is badly maintained;
  • Background asbestos fibre levels in schools are 5-500 times higher than outdoor levels;
  • Since 1980, more than 228 school teachers have died of mesothelioma, with 140 dying in the last ten years; “it has been estimated that a child of five is 5.3 times more likely to develop mesothelioma by the age of 80 than their teacher aged 30;”
  •  In the last five years, HSE asbestos inspections found significant deficiencies in the implementation of asbestos management plans in a number of schools;
  • There are no centralized data on the extent, type and condition of asbestos in UK schools.

The issue of who would compensate those who might become ill after hazardous exposures in schools is problematic and the Government argues that it could be very costly to survey all schools.  The costs it has been argued needs to balanced against the lives of individuals.

If you have worked or are working or were a pupil in a school building which may contain asbestos and most older buildings do contain asbestos then do get in touch.  Children have been particularly vulnerable to developing asbestos related diseases.

A comprehensive website dealing with Asbestos Exposure in Schools is

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