Reading Matters

Reading Matters

Bibliotherapy refers to the process of using books as part of a therapeutic process  or as a stand alone therapeutic tool.  Sometimes reading can help us through our very difficult journeys and life experiences.

Choosing a self help book as a therapeutic tool is not an easy task.  There are thousands of books available to borrow from a library or to buy and it is difficult to know which one is right for you.  The selection of a book is a very personal process, which makes it difficult to recommend books to individuals, as everyone’s preferences are different.

When selecting a book fact or fiction to help you through the experience of living with an asbestos related disease think about the following questions:

  1. What are the authors credentials? Is the author considered to be an expert on the topic being written about and does he/she have professional or academic qualifications?
  2. What does the book claim to do? Does it claim to be a ‘cure for all’ if so be sceptical.
  3. What is the focus of the content? Is it looking at coping mechanisms for the bereavement process, or suggesting breathing exercises to handle breathlessness – check out the contents pages of the book.
  4. What do others think of the book?  A personal choice indeed, but sometimes it is useful to ask others if they have read the book and what they felt about it.

If there are books and resources which you have found useful then do let us know and we can share the information.

Audio and EBooks

Audio and Ebooks are good alternatives to hard copies and are becoming increasingly popular with everyone.  Many can be seen with their ‘Kindles’ on trains, buses, on planes but also books are being downloaded onto Iphones, Mp3 players, home computers, laptops etc.  The audiobook is more  easily available now and is in a more robust format of DVD rather than dodgy cassette tapes – the beauty of the audiobook is you  can listen rather than have to hold something and when you are lying in bed not feeling a hundred percent you can disappear into the world of the book.

You can purchase audiobooks check out  but also  you can borrow from your local library.

County Library Services

Find out where your local library is located and its opening times – many libraries have coffee and chat meetings so it is also a place to meet up with people as well as have a good read!