Your story and your life matters.  If you or a loved one has been affected by asbestos, please tell us about your experiences, you are not alone, there maybe someone else in your town who is also going through similar experiences.  We won’t know about others unless we start to share! You are not alone.

A friendship group can be started on this website we will listen to you!  If there are enough people it may be possible for a group to physically meet regularly, we can help make that happen.

By sharing your stories through this website your experience may help others. We will reserve the right to delete what we feel are inappropriate words or comments.

Jigsaw Pieces

Our logo, the jigsaw, is like our life.  Each piece which makes it up can have a profound impact upon our life.   When diagnosed with an illness, such as an asbestos related one, the pieces include the health personnel who are there to help , those who can provide the necessary benefit advice, those who can help you through the legal maze, and those who will share their personal stories, the development of lasting friendships which can mean so much when you are feeling isolated.  The jigsaw pieces need to come together – that is what AASC is all about and we can make it happen with your help!

What can I get from CafeAASC?

Our friendship group, CafeAASC can offer help to people affected by a diagnosis of an asbestos caused disease in various stages of illness.  Support is also offered to carers  and the families of those with an asbestos related disease.  Getting in touch through this website could be the first step you make in sharing your experiences and in having some help to go in the right direction. If you have just received a diagnosis of an asbestos- caused disease and you need support then AASC friends are just for you.

CafeAASC – our friendship group can

  •  Give support and information to victims of asbestos related diseases and their families and friends.
  • Encourage co-operation and friendship between group members
  • Ensure that all understand the concept of confidentiality  and will meet together bearing confidentiality in mind.
  •  Make time to listen to each to each other.
  •  Jointly agree how to work within a friendship group.
  •  Openly extend invitations to others to join the group.

Follow our Facebook page – Asbestos Awareness & Support and Twitter -@AASC2  for regular updates on friendship meetings or email or phone: 01495 272 479

Join with others for informal chats over coffee or tea and other light refreshments on various dates in venues around Wales .

Join our A-A-S-C. community CafeAASC