Friends of AASC (AASCFriends) was set up in 2017 to ensure the charity has a sound financial basis for the future. In particular, funds are used for basic running costs including our helpline, group meetings and special events.

Initial projects focused on holding regular group meetings, hosting monthly Sunday lunches and organising events around national dates such as Mesothelioma Day and Asbestos Awareness Week. With an increase in the number of people using the charity and reaching out to the many living with a diagnosis of asbestos related illnesses our expenditure has been exceeding our income.

Whilst our development costs were covered by sponsorship, financial input from the Friends will secure a sound footing.  Also, we apply for grants but there is generally a requirement for the charity to demonstrate that it has the finances to contribute to a project.  The creation of the ‘AASCFriends Fund’ is therefore crucial to enable us to provide ongoing support.

We cordially invite you to become a ‘Friend of AASC’ by supporting this fund.  Please donate whatever you can to help secure the future of our charity by completing the Donation Form below.  Payment by Bankers Standing Order, either monthly or annually, is particularly beneficial and minimises administrative costs. Please also consider using ‘gift aid’ as it increases the value of your donation by enabling the charity to reclaim tax on your payment.

Should you prefer to make a donation online then you can go to or or

AASCFriends donation form to download and completed applications should be sent to:

Lorna Johns, AASC, Manteg, Penslade, Fishguard. SA65 9PB