Getting Crafty

Getting Crafty

Get crafty about asbestos and start make things and sell them to raise  funds for AASC knit, woodcarve, sew,  paint, bake – your choice surprise yourself!

And then you could make your donation for us online 

Material Girl

Have you thought about making hand crafted goods, cloth bags, peg bags, hanging hearts, gym kit bags- most of these items are made from pre loved material found in in your own cupboards or in vintage/charity stores.

Search out knitting yarns and dig out those needles and click away for AASC.  Name the fibre and we are sure you can make something from it.

Have you an easy pattern that you could share with fellow AASC supporters – let us know and we can pass it around.

Hand Made Cards

There has been a growing interest in hand made goods and the card market is no exception – if you enjoy making things from card, special occasion cards, luggage labels. pictures – then indulge your interest sell them and make a donation to AASC.


Make a mark on your calendar to start baking  why? Everyone loves home made cakes, sweets and savouries including preserves and pickles and there is always a reason to celebrate an event with the selling of homebaked goodies. You can sell them at a coffee morning or take a supply into work.

Pancake Day Shrove Tuesday February 12, 2013 – Would you like to get involved in the ‘Flippin Pancake’ Challenge? Whether you flip them, eat them or sell them…support AASC and help families whose lives have been devastated by the affects of asbestos.