The Helping Professionals

A health, social care  or legal professional can help you to cope with your diagnosis at a time when everything seems confusing.  It may be that you feel that you are not ‘clicking ‘with the professional to whom you have been referred – this may inhibit your understanding of your condition and you may decide not to turn up for your appointments.  If there is a genuine clash of personalities or some other valid reason you need to let this be known, you deserve the best care possible.

General Practitioner

Your first port of call if you are feeling unwell, the General Practitioner or your family doctor will have a developed understanding of numerous health issues and may not have the specialisation in asbestos related diseases. You will need to draw the attention of the General Practitioner to the fact that you may have been exposed to asbestos either first hand in a work setting or second hand through being close to someone who worked with asbestos.


This is a qualified doctor who has further enhanced his career to specialise in a specific area; she/he will usually have a team of doctors in their team. The General Practitioner may refer your case to the Consultant to make a diagnosis after several tests. The Consultant will be the lead person looking after your health once you have received your diagnosis.

Nurse Specialists

 Sarah Morgan , a MesoUK Clinical Nurse Specialist covers Wales.

A nurse specialist is a  professional who has undergone extended clinical training and education in a specific health area.  Someone diagnosed with an asbestos related disease may be referred to a respiratory nurse, lung cancer nurse specialist, an oncology nurse specialist or/ and a MacMillan Nurse specialising in palliative care.  Such nurses have received training to enable them to provide the best care possible in their chosen field; their knowledge base should exceed those who are more general nurses. They will be a valuable resource for clinical information for both patients and other members of the nursing team. Nurse specialists may be employed in the NHS, the voluntary or private sector.

Benefit Advisors

Being treated for an asbestos related disease is free – but you may experience financial difficulties in coping with everyday costs of living.  You will need to receive appropriate help and advice.  Specialist benefit advisors should have a comprehensive understanding of the range of benefits to which you may be entitled – it can be very confusing.


It is important that you have the right solicitor supporting you. It is best to select a team which has specialist knowledge and experience in the field of asbestos related diseases.  You should not be charged for the help and advice given by the solicitor working on your behalf.  They should visit you in your home to go through issues to do with your case and can help ensure that you are receiving the correct benefits.  Contact us here at AASC where we can help you choose the right solicitor for you. Check our webpage.


Are you able to reach your appointment easily?  Is the travelling to the office of the professional getting you down?  Have you asked if a home visit could be done?  Do you need to personally meet with the professional every time – is telephone support an option, can the professional phone you?  Do not allow the location of appointments become a major obstacle.