Getting Crafty for AASC

Mike got working in his shed and produced a great wooden sign for AASC whic we will now use at events.  Thanks to Jewson, Pembroke for donating the wood!

Crafty Ray and Mike

Caring about the carers

We run regular social get togethers for those who are the significant carers of those living with asbestos related illnesses, these opportunities make a huge difference encouraging new friendships and lots of laughs.  Friendships that last after the caring job has finished due to the loss of a loved one to the fatal asbestos fibre.

Ann Clwyd, MP and Men in White Coats

And is the UK govt taking asbestos seriously?

General Practitioners

Has your GP laughed in your face when you asked for a chest x-ray because you had been exposed to asbestos in your work?  What did you do next when you were refused a chest x-ray?

What makes the voluntary sector?

How voluntary is a volunteer?  How do voluntary sector workers afford to pay the costs of conferences and meetings?  If there is a service being put on for the voluntary sector why 9 times out of 10 there is a charge ?  Working in the voluntary sector or non/profit do you find yourself out of pocket – is there an assumption that you have a salary coming in which is financing the service being provided?  Have the lines between voluntary and non-voluntary sector become blurred?