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Registered charity number: 1148804.  Companies House registration: 8018086

Asbestos Awareness and Support Cymru (AASC) is providing a Wales wide network of help and support to victims of asbestos related diseases and their families.

We are here to guide victims of asbestos disease and their families to the help they need from health, social care and legal professionals in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors to ensure that they are aware of the best assistance available within Wales.  Join our family of support.  Lorna and Jo are here to offer help and support.

Looking forward to Action Mesothelioma Day July 1st , 2016 this year being held at Craig Y Nos Castle, Swansea

Action Mesothelioma Day gives Wales  an opportunity to talk about the deadly lung condition so  more people become aware of its debilitating impact on health, and it also highlights the need for more research.

Action meso day flyer 2016



  • Mesothelioma youtube link
  • Alice:  Fight for life. A documentary made in 1982 that dramatically changed society’s view on asbestos.
  • Payday – a moving production made for Clydesdale Asbestos Support Group – tradesmen beware!   
  • Matthew’s Thankyou in memory of his step-dad.        


Help to spread the word about the help and support offered

by AASC to asbestos victims and their families by downloading our poster:

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