AASC (Asbestos Awareness & Support Cymru) is an independent charity that strives to raise awareness and support families who have been affected by asbestos related illnesses in Wales.

AASC began its journey in November 2011 and  we officially launched our service on March 1st 2012 . Joanne (J0) Barnes-Mannings  and Lorna Johns became aware through Jo’s personal experience, following her dad’s diagnosis of Mesothelioma, that there was a need for support within Wales for those living with asbestos related illnesses and their families. Therefore, it was decided to establish a network of help and support in Wales and so AASC was ‘born’ and was set up as a registered charity in 2012 (Registered Charity No. 1148804). The organisation is also registered in Companies House, Cardiff, registered number 8018086.

It was also apparent that patients and their families needed to know more about the professional help available.

The shocking statistic that the annual death toll of those diagnosed with an asbestos related disease in Wales stands around 200 which is more than twice the numbers of people killed in road accidents – could not be ignored!

The focus or mission of the group is to strive to make the lives of  those living with asbestos related illnesses and their families better.

It was set as a target to initially operate AASC through the mediation of a website.  Over the years we have established regular group meetings, increased our telephone support, and broadened our social media base by adding Twitter ( @AASC2 ) and Facebook  pages (Asbestos-Awareness-&-Support-Cymru) and facilitating donations through online giving.

The group is non-profit, and will depend upon the support of individuals, groups and communities to ensure its longevity, through charitable donations.

Give through our LocalGiving site   https://localgiving.org/charity/aasc/ 

Or through Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)


We're a small team and are always looking for new members so get in touch!

Trustees – Voluntary

  • Rhoda Williams
  • Dr Paul Thomas
  • Mary Bryan

Employed Officers (part-time):

  • Joanne Barnes–Mannings | Support Officer/Co-Founder
  • Jane Rowed | Charity Administrator
  • Sarah Morgan | Specialist Support @ Clinical Liaison Officer
Rhoda Williams
Dr Paul Thomas
Dr Paul Thomas
Joanne Barnes–Mannings
Jane Rowed
Sarah Morgan


We want to provide help and support to those exposed to asbestos fibres and living with illnesses such as mesothelioma, asbestosis , pleural thickening.

  • Give support to victims of asbestos related diseases.
  • Take referrals.
  • Pass referrals to the most appropriate helping agency.
  • Operate telephone listening line.
  • Provide regular and ongoing one to one telephone contact/support.
  • Set up friendship groups.
  • Facilitate online and in person support groups and events.
  • Prepare and send out tailored Patient and Carer Information Packs.
  • Prepare and send out Hospital Information Packs for specialist nurses.
  • Share and provide information and updates accordingly.
  • Develop new groups as identified by communities.
  • Facilitate discussions.
  • Signposting.
  • Communicate with range of health, social and legal professionals.
  • Work across private, statutory and voluntary sector.
  • Raise awareness about asbestos related diseases.
  • Give a voice for the victims of asbestos related diseases and their families within Wales.
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