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Registered charity number: 1148804.  Companies House registration: 8018086

Asbestos Awareness and Support Cymru (AASC) is providing a Wales wide network of help and support to those living with asbestos related illnesses and their families. Providing tailored support to those with mesothelioma in Wales.

We are here to guide those diagnosed with an asbestos related illness and their families to the help they need from health, social care and legal professionals in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors to ensure that they are aware of the best assistance available within Wales.  Join our family of support.

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Action Mesothelioma Day Friday 1st July 2022 – Looking forward to seeing many at our 1st in person event since the pandemic! We will be in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire. Do get in touch if you would like to meet us there by phoning 01495 272 479 or email enquiries@a-a-s-c.org.uk

Support Group Meetings 

 Online Singing Group – Just sing with CafeAASC – would you be keen on joining our weekly singing group? Next session.  Get in touch phone 01495 272 479 or email enquiries@a-a-s-c.org.uk

New Group: Grief /Bereavement Support Group CafeAASC -Making Connections through Loss   If you  would like to join our meetings please get in touch   by phoning 01495 272 479 or email

Our  bi-monthly Asbestosis Support Group Meeting is on  the 1st Tuesday – next one is 2nd August 2022 10.30am.

 CafeAASC Mesothelioma support group meeting is on Tuesday June 22nd 2022 2.30pm.   At this meeting we are also joined by Sarah Morgan,Mesothelioma UK Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist and Project Lead for Wales and by Legal Professionals.

 We will be using the Zoom platform so you will need a password to log in. Please get in touch to let us know you want to join us  via email enquiries@a-a-s-c.org.uk

Due to the Covid-19/ Coronavirus situation we have made the decision to cancel our face to face asbestos support group meetings and run them virtually using the Zoom platform.

You’re not alone

We will continue to communicate as normal via telephone , and email and other social media channels to provide ongoing support.

Phone 01495 272 479, or email:enquiries@a-a-s-c.org.uk



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